Corporate Profile
We know that close and effective relationships matter to you and we are committed to a long-term relationship as your trusted adviser. We believe in the value of developing personal relationships with our clients. These relationships are built on trust, integrity, following through with commitments, and being responsive to the needs of others. We are small enough to know our clients, and big enough to serve them as they grow.

Our people embrace JBS's CARE values. These values determine how we interact with clients, with each other and with the world around us. Our focus is on continually improving the experience our clients have of JBS, because what matters to you matters to us. In that, we strive to provide the best possible professional service.

At JBS we try to create sustainable, long-term economic growth, not just for our clients but for the broader society too. We seek to be a good corporate citizen, making a real difference to the communities in which we operate.

Corporate Position
Vision: To be one of Asia's leading audit and assurance partners
We provide our services to a diverse range of clients, from large corporations, subsidiaries of listed companies to private businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across a broad array of industry sectors. At JBS, our goal is to look beyond numbers and compliance issues, to provide our clients with practical advice to resolve problems and help them achieve their business goals. This is how we aim to grow to be one of Asia's leading audit and assurance partners.

Promise: CARE - Creditability, Accountability, Relationships and Expertise
C: We assure you with our CREDITABILITY
A: We are ACCOUNTABLE to the trust placed in us
R: We are driven to build long lasting RELATIONSHIPS
E: We have the EXPERTISE to complete the tasks that come our way


We want our clients to be part of our world through our own actions and by engaging with like-minded organisations and individuals within our network. This is our purpose - and why we exist as an organisation. Our organisation has a deep strong sense of obligation and professionalism to serve a number of different stakeholders who bank on us to deliver beyond expectations. We want to use our global reach and scale to start the conversation about helping our clients with their every need.
When we care, everything works better.

The Partner

Bala has more than 20 years of comprehensive multi-industry experience in external and internal audit. His professional duties covers a wide range of services including the provision of auditing, accounting, financial advisory and management consultancy services to a wide diversity of clients.
Bala is qualified as a Chartered Accountant from a leading Chartered Accountants firm in Chennai, India. Bala is also an American Certified Public Accountant. He is a practising member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants and a non-practising member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Member of Public Accountants Practice Committee - ISCA