JBS focuses on providing audit and assurance services. Audits are planned and performed in a way that minimises risks of material misstatements, such that the financials are presented in compliance with the relevant statutory requirements.
We are always aware of our roles and responsibilities as the auditors, and our services are aligned with the appropriate accounting standards (i.e. SFRS, IFRS, and US GAAP). We have the requisite specialisation that allows us to deliver high-quality audits as expected by our clients.
We are driven in our quest to be efficient and cost-effective, and utilise our skills, knowledge and experience to lessen the cost of compliance, and subsequently, the burden on your organisation.

List of Our Services
  • Statutory audits
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Special reviews
  • Due diligence
  • Liquidations and receiverships
  • Forensic accounting and investigations
  • Business valuation
  • Business process reliability